Aperture Magazine #219, Summer 2015
The Tokyo Issue

Aperture's May 2015 issue continues the magazine's mission to offer global perspectives on photography by researching and producing specific editions of the magazine onsite around the world. Released in conjunction with the SHASHIN: PHOTOGRAPHY FROM JAPAN festival, The Tokyo Issue aims to help foster a global dialogue about Japanese photography. The issue will introduce new and vibrant voices of Japanese photography, as well as revisit key historical figures and projects, through portfolios, interviews, and essay-length texts. The Aperture editorial team is now in Tokyo conducting research, meeting with photographers, scholars, and active contributors within the photography community. In the magazine’s pages, the city will not be a mere backdrop for photography, but rather the character of Tokyo itself will be explored as a principal protagonist within the narrative of Japanese photography. This immersive editorial approach will yield a rich, in-depth look at the city’s current dialogue around photography and will be essential reading for anyone interested in photography from Japan.

The Tokyo Issue features essays by  Ivan VartanianYasufumi Nakamori (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston), Franz Prichard (Princeton University), Matthew S. Witkovsky (Art Institute Chicago), and features the work of Takuma Nakahira, Nobuyoshi Araki, commission work by Takashi Homma, portfolios by Cozue Takagi, Daisuke Yokota, Issei Suda, Mayumi Hosokura, Rinko Kawauchi, and Naoya Hatakeyama. The issue also includes an interview of Kikuji Kawada by Ryuichi Kaneko.


The Photobook Review #008, Spring 2015

Guest Editor: Ivan Vartanian

The Spring 2015 issue of The Photobook Review will be edited by Ivan Vartanian, who is a Tokyo-based publisher, author, and producer of photobook editions. His extensive work with photography from Japan will inform the overall selection and editorial direction of the issue. 

The Photobook Review is available free of charge, onsite at the Aperture Gallery, free-of-charge to all Aperture magazine subscribers, and via select distribution partners.

Shashin Festival: Guidebook


This twenty-eight-page tabloid publication includes a complete guide to all the festival events, exhibitions, and the Shashin symposium. The guidebook also features original contents: Interviews with Hiroshi Sugimoto, William Klein, curator Sandra Phillips, and feature writings. The tabloid is free and will be distributed throughout New York City.